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We live in paradise but the bugs can make us run back inside.  Do you have a covered patio or lanai that needs to be screened in?  If so, we have the perfect solution to expand your outdoor living space and bring the outdoors in.

The problem with traditional screening systems used on the market today is that the post are 4-6 feet on center which not only block your view but make you feel caged in.

With our amazing system, we can span openings up to 150 square feet, (3x times the norm),  giving you the view of all the beauty your backyard has to offer.

The SCREENEZE®  innovative design is stronger and more durable than ordinary screen systems.   While the system is not structural, it does attach to your Patio or Lanai structural openings.  It features an aluminum base and vinyl cap that snap together to secure the screen fabric.

Because the system can be installed on the inside, outside, or center of your patio or lanai’s post and rail design it offers much more versatility to design your enclosed outdoor living space.

Covered Patio

Patio or Screen Enclosures that offer unobstructive views. Change your view and see the real beauty your backyard has to offer.  Our screening system can span up to 150 sqft.


Versatile designs you are only limitied to your imagination. Archways and Gazebos are no longer a problem with our flat bar screening system.

Durability by Design

The innovative SCREENEZE® design is stronger and more durable than ordinary screen systems. The screening system helps maintain the screens integrity. 

SCREENEZE is a patented fixed screen system, featuring an aluminum base and a vinyl cap which are snapped together and attached to your porch or gazebo. The system can be installed on the inside, outside, or center of your porch post and rail design. 


No Spline


Cost Effective


Flexible Design


No Staples


Self Stretches Screen


No Extra Posts


Unobstructed Views


Variety of screen fabrics

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Property Redeemers LLC is a State, licensed Building Contractor specializing in residential remodeling services.  Whether a simple, complete face lift or an additions,  we are redeeming 1 property at a time.

When we found SCREENEZE™,  we knew we had to be part of the new way of screening and bring the outdoors in.

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