Block The Bugs and See Your Backyard

The Florida lifestyle is designed to be outdoors, however the bugs can make it unbearable. Expand your living space by screening in your covered patio or lanai. Our innovative screening systems offers unobstructed views.  Traditional screening systems have aluminum  post 4-6 foot on center making you feel caged in and blocking your view to the great outdoors.

Why settle for ordinary when you can have perfection by bringing the outdoors in?  Our NO spline screening system is a perfect product for screen enclosures and comes in 4 colors to choose from.

Bring Indoor Living to the Great Outdoors™

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Enclose your covered patio or lanai with unobstructed views.

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Cabinetry for your covered patio or outdoor kitchen

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Check out the many options for your covered patio. Bring the outdoors in.

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Screen Enclosures Made Easy

Whether your covered patio or lanai has standard openings, arch ways or is of a unique design, our screening systems,  SCREENEZE®, is so versatile that it makes screening in your patio or lanai easy peasy.

Let us screen your Patio Enclosure and use the space all year round without the bugs. With our amazing screening system, you can have unobstructed views. While SCREENEZE® is not structural, it is designed to be attached to your patio, porch or lanai structural openings.  It features an aluminum base and vinyl cap that snap together to secure the screen fabric. This makes the system much more durable then the traditional spline systems.

In addition our system can span openings up to 150 square feet (3x the norm) allowing to really see what your backyard has to offer.

Choose from 4 colors: White, Sand, Clay and Bronze

Screen Enclsoure

Does your Patio Enclosure need Re-screening or a New View?

If you have a traditional aluminum and spline screening system that is in need of repair, we can retro fit your current screen enclosure and offer unobstructive views. Change your patio enclosure view and see the real beauty your backyard has to offer.

When it comes to patio screen enclosures in West Palm Beach, FL and the surrounding Palm Beach area, our Team is changing the way screen enclosures are done.  After all, isn't it time you deserve a better screening product?

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